Ich habe einige Plugins für WordPress entwickelt, die bei bestimmten Aufgaben helfen und kostenlos sind:

Definitely allow mobile zooming

Icon Definitely allow mobile zoomingThis tiny plugin adds the viewport meta tag with zooming permission to give your users the ability to zoom in your website with mobile browsers.

Download Definitely allow mobile zooming at wordpress.org

Purify WordPress Menus

Icon Purify WordPress MenusSlim down the HTML code of WordPress menus to only the CSS classes and ID attributes your theme needs to improve page speed.

Download Purify WordPress Menus at wordpress.org

Quick Featured Images

Icon Quick Features ImagesYour time-saving Swiss Army Knife for featured images: Set, replace and delete them in bulk, set default images, get overview lists.

Download Quick Featured Images at wordpress.org

Quick Featured Images Pro

Your time-saving Swiss Army Knife for featured images with more options than the free version: supporting custom post types, first post content images and more.

Purchase and download Quick Featured Images Pro at quickfeaturedimages.com

Recent Posts Widget With Thumbnails

Icon Recent Posts Widget With ThumbnailsSmall and fast plugin to display in the sidebar a list of linked titles and thumbnails of the most recent postings.

Download Recent Posts Widget With Thumbnails at wordpress.org

Speed Contact Bar

Icon Speed Contact BarLet your website visitors get in touch with you easily with permanent visible contact informations.

Download Speed Contact Bar at wordpress.org

Widget Visibility Time Scheduler

Icon Widget Visibility Time SchedulerControl the visibility of each widget based on date, time and weekday easily.

Download Widget Visibility Time Scheduler at wordpress.org